Friday, August 16, 2013

So you found my blog! Nice.

This post is really just to show those of you new to Google blogger (hello iPad Riders!) a little bit of what I can do with it. Everything I show you below is wicked easy and user friendly in the site. OH and how to get one started. Go to your gmail (or Prep email), look at the top of the page (where it lists search, images, drive, calendar, etc) and hit 'more' then choose 'blogger'... from that point the site itself walks you through it!

I can update this as frequently (or infrequently) as I'd like. If you scroll down you will see a number of older posts from this summer describing my summer laboratory experience and if you scroll even further you will see some tiny instructional videos I made for my students last year. Don't get too ahead of yourself scrolling though, if you are an iPad Rider I'm sure I've already shown those videos to you anyway (I only have so much to brag about). 

I can highlight in different colors. type in different SIZES. 

underline bold italic

I can write in orange if I'd like! Or any other color! 

I can even cross out what I have written!

  1. I can add
  2. Numerical
  3. Lists 

  • or bullets 

I can add pictures with captions

  • or links to cool websites (yes, I think this one is cool)... or a link to send me an email (but I didn't do that b/c this isn't a private blog).
I can even embed movies! 

The best part is - I did all this just by playing around with the options at the top of the blogger page! I find that Google Blogger is MUCH MUCH easier to use than Google sites and I can include pretty much anything I'd want to on it. Feel free to keep reading (especially if you wonder how I spend my summers). 

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