Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RET 2013: My fellow RETers and labmates

Here's an introduction to the teachers in this year's RET program. There are five of us this year and we are all returning champions! If you click on the links to our old blogs you will get a good sense of what this RET program has looked like over the last three years.

The 2012 Cohort of RET teachers
The three of us from last year's RET program:

1)  Michelle (here's her blog: Michelle is in the front of the picture to the right with a blue cardigan.
2) Maureen is on the left (next to me) in a black shirt and glasses. Her blog from last year is:  
3) and myself (my blog from last summer: ). Can you see my head poking out next to Maureen?

The two participants from years before that:

1) Ashley (her 2010 blog) who participated in the program in 2010 with my department head Gary Smith (his 2010 and 2011 blog; Gary participated two years in a row)
2) and Jessica who was an RET teacher summer of 2011. Her blog from that summer:

Michelle and Maureen are in Dr. Bifano's lab, as they were the year before, working with lasers and deformable mirrors. I am also in the same lab I was the year before continuing my work with viruses and the IRIS. Ashely and Jessica are both in new labs. Jessica is learning a lot of new material and Ashely is working on designing hands-on a classroom project to help teach her middle school students something about nanotechnology.

Here's a funny little video trailer my RET partner and I made last year:

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