Monday, November 12, 2012

My first attempt at Educreations!

Lately I have started making mini-video tutorials for my students. I record them in educreations and then can copy the link and post it on our class website. The kids click on the link and the video opens in their web-browser, so it works whether they are on the iPad or not!

Now I'm totally self-conscience of the sound of my recorded voice - and I seem to go an octave higher as I talk through these problems. It's a little cheesy sounding.

Here's my first attempt: Nuclear Symbols. This 2 minute video took me about 5 tries, but came out ok. It is on finding the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom when given the atom's nuclear symbol. I didn't make watching this tutorial mandatory. I just told my students I'd posted it and it turns out almost all of them went and watched it. They were really excited to tell me they'd seen it and that it helped them a lot (their subsequent quiz on atomic number, mass number, protons, neutrons, and electrons attested to that as well). They seem totally amused to hear my voice over the computer... I wonder when that will wear off!

This morning I recorded two more tutorials for my classes.

Electron Configuration and the PTable

Electron Configuration and Valence Electrons

 Each one only took one try and I finished both in the time it took my husband to make me waffles for breakfast! They are better than the first, though still my voice gets higher and higher as I go. These will be part of a homework assignment. They will watch the videos (students more advanced should only have to watch the second one) and then answer a bunch of questions. We'll see how it goes this week!

Here are the links to the videos above: Electron Configuration and the Periodic Table and Electron Configuration and Valence Electrons.

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